15th April 2019 Updates (UPDATED 19th April)

15th April 2019 Updates (UPDATED 19th April)

Hi and welcome to the status updates for the week beginning Monday 15th April 2019


Whats Coming

The following products are due in.

New Releases (Saturday 20th April):

Also coming back in stock this next week in extremely limited quantity is the Adeptus Titanicus: Grand Master Edition. This is a great bundle containing everything you need to get started in this game:

  • 2 x Highly detailed plastic Warlord Titans
  • 6 x Plastic Questoris knights
  • 1 x Adeptus Titanicus rulebook (Full, unabridged)
  • 8 x Command Terminals for Titans and Knights
  • 24 x Mission and Stratagem cards
  • 20 x Adeptus Titanicus dice
  • Reference sheets, Templates and Range Ruler
  • 1 x Set of battlefield assets
  • 1 x set of Civitas Imperialis terrain

Split with a friend and you’ll have a Warlord Titan and a lance of Knights each to battle with.

UPDATE Wed 17th April 2019 – Grand Master Edition will arrive to us next week, date to be confirmed.


Stock Updates

The following products are currently out of stock:

Any orders currently processing containing the above items cannot be dispatched this week, apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Orders created before Monday 15th April which contain backordered items (excluding the items above) should be ready for dispatch/collection from Friday 15th April.


Despatch Updates

Despatch is running normally.

UPDATE: Post Services are Closed on Easter Monday, Deliveries will resume on Tuesday 23rd April 2019


Service Updates

Website is running normally.

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