20th May 2019 Updates

20th May 2019 Updates

Hi and welcome to the status updates for the week beginning Monday 20th May 2019


Whats Coming

All the pre orders listed here are expected as normal:


Stock Updates

Any outstanding orders currently processing as normal as of 20th May 2019 containing are awaiting stock will be dispatched by the end of this week, apologies for any delays experienced.


The following products are now out of production are only available while stocks last:


The following products are now out of production and are no longer available:

  • Age of Sigmar: Looncurse
  • Kill Team: The Slicing Noose (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Ankra The Colossus (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Crasker Matterzhek (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Fireblade Twinflame (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Gaius Acastian (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Gitzog Wurldkilla (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Nemesis 9 Tyrantis (English)
  • Kill Team Commander: Vysa Kharavyxis (English)
  • Sector Imperialis: Imperial Sector
  • Genestealer Cults Dice
  • Deathwatch Watch Captain in Teminator Armour


Dispatch Updates

Dispatch is running normally.


Service Updates

Website is running normally.

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