10th September 2019 Updates

10th September 2019 Updates

Hi and welcome to the status updates for 10th September 2019


Whats Coming

All the pre orders listed here are expected as normal:

The following Flames of War German releases have been pushed back to 21st September 2019:

  • Fallschirmjager Company (Plastic)
  • Fallschirmjager 7.5cm Tank Hunter Platoon (x4 Plastic)
  • Fallschirmjager Platoon (Plastic)
  • Fallschirmjager 8cm/12cm Mortar Platoon (x4 Plastic)
  • Fallschirmjager HMG Platoon (x4 Plastic)
  • Fallschirmjager Dice (x20)
  • Fallschirmjager Tokens (x20) & Objectives (x2)


Stock Updates
Black Templar Contrast paint (24ml) – now back in stock!

The following Games Workshop products are no longer available for us to order:

  • Killzone: Sector Fronteris
  • Necromunda: Enforcer Patrol Dice Set
  • Nurgle Rotbringers Pusgoyle Blightlords
  • T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment
  • Space Marine Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer
  • Warhammer Underworlds:  Nightvault (now only available via Games Workshop directly)
  • Warhammer Underworlds:  Nightvault Forbidden Chambers Board Pack
  • The following Shadespire Warbands are also no longer available for us to order:
    • Chosen Axes
    • Farstriders
    • Ironskull’s Boyz
    • Magore’s Fiends
    • Sepulchral Guard
    • Spiteclaw’s Swarm

The following products are currently out of stock from Games Workshop:

  • Adeptus Titanicus Titan Battlegroup
  • Age of Sigmar: Warcry Starter Set
  • Necromunda: Enforcer Tactics Card Pack
  • Necromunda: Palanite Enforcer Patrol
  • Space Marine Drop Pod
  • Tyranids Spearhead Detachment

This will delay any outstanding orders containing these items made. We have reached out to Games Workshop for any news on when we can see these items back in stock but were not able to get any information. They still listed as available on the latest Games Workshop product order form.

Any outstanding orders currently processing as normal as of 12pm on 9th September 2019 which are awaiting stock (not listed above) will be dispatched by the end of this week, orders made after this time containing products on back-order will be dispatched next week at the earliest.

We apologise for any inconvenience these delays may cause you.


Dispatch Updates

Dispatch is running normally.


Service Updates

Website is running normally. Apologies if you have experience caching issues over the weekend, they should now be resolved.

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