Age of Sigmar: Dawnbringers – Shadow of the Crone (English)

Age of Sigmar: Dawnbringers – Shadow of the Crone (English)

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Age of Sigmar: Dawnbringers - Shadow of the Crone - 80-55 Book five of the Dawnbringers narrative. Shaken by the horrors they have witnessed, the heroes of the Twin-Tailed Crusade venture boldly onwards. In both Ghyran and Aqshy, the two arms of the great military expedition find themselves facing existential threats from within and without. A gruesome conspiracy threatens to drown the mighty city of Hammerhal Aqsha in blood, beginning a chain reaction of insane violence that will engulf the entire crusade. Hard-bitten investigator Hanniver Toll and his companion Armand Callis desperately try to root out this growing evil, aided from the shadows by a mysterious presence - the deadly and unknowable Croneseer... This book includes:
  • An exciting narrative that details the continued travails of the Twin-Tailed Crusade, along with battleplans that allow you to play out key moments in the story on the tabletop.
  • Warscrolls for the strange prophet of blood known as Krethusa the Croneseer as well as for Hanniver Toll and his deadly companions.
  • The next Path to Glory chapter for the Twin-Tailed Crusade campaign and a Strongpoint Assault battlepack themed around siege warfare.
  • Rules for the Croneseer's Pariahs army of renown and the Saviours of Cinderfall regiment of renown.
English, Hardback, 96 pages.

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