Age of Sigmar: Warrior (English)

Age of Sigmar: Warrior (English)

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Age of Sigmar: Warrior (English) - 80-15 A self contained starter set for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, perfect for newcomers to the game. Includes 18 Easy To Build Citadel miniatures, two softback books with one providing the core rules, a 30" x 22.4" double-sided playing mat plus the box's inner tray is designed to be used as a piece of scenery. The 32 Citadel plastic miniatures are spilt across two armies, the Stormcast Eternals and Kruleboyz:
  • Stormcast Eternals
    • 1 x Knight-Arcanum
    • 5 x Vindictors
  • Kruleboyz
    • 1 x Killaboss
    • 1 x Stab-grot
    • 10 x Gutrippaz
Each miniature is a push-fit easy to build design meaning no glue is required and are provided with a base. Each side of the mat represents a battlefield in the realm of Ghur. One side is a dank swamp and can be flipped over to play on a barren wasteland instead. The cardboard tray of the box can be upturned to become a Dawnbringer Bastion terrain piece. Also in provided in the box are 4 x Warscroll Cards, 2 x Allegiance Ability Cards, 2 x reference sheets sheets, 10 x 6-sided dice and 2 x range rulers, a 80 page manual providing the basics of the game and background into the the world of Age of Sigmar and a core rules book containing the rules content from the Core Book. English version.

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Age of Sigmar

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