Ahriman: Eternal (PB)


Ahriman: Eternal (PB)

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Ahriman: Eternal - BL3068 Doom has come upon the Thousand Sons. Born from the Rubric, a curse of fire and dust stalks them across time and space. The spirits of the Rubricae are vanishing from the prisons of their armour, while living sorcerers take their place one by one. Driven by the need to save his Legion and find redemption, Ahzek Ahriman seeks the time-altering technology of the forgotten necrons to overwrite the past. Shadowed by aeldari harlequins and with secrets and divisions spreading through his forces, he must find a new path to salvation before all becomes dust. Written by John French. English, Paperback, 336 pages.

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Warhammer 40,000