Broken Saints (Audiobook)

Broken Saints (Audiobook)

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Broken Saints - BL2821 Sister Adamanthea is a Repentia redeemed, restored to her beloved Sororitas and hailed as a ‘living miracle’. But behind closed doors she is haunted by a sin she believes can never be forgiven. Paraded in front of the countless pilgrims of the garden-temple of Concordia, how can she speak of faith when her own is so uncertain? When an aeons-old conspiracy finally triggers, Adamanthea must prove herself the legend she is claimed to be, or risk the forces of Chaos pulling back the shroud of lies, and shattering the faith of an entire world. Performed by Steve Conlin, Sean Connolly, Jonathan Keeble, Penelope Rawlins, Richard Reed, Genevieve Swallow and Claire Wyatt. Written by Alec Worley. English, Audiobook, 75 minutes.

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