City States: Minotaur Haspists


City States: Minotaur Haspists

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Dual Kit with Minotaur Thyreans Those minotaurs that have somehow escaped the sad fate of their Thyrean kin can look forward to a quiet life of agrarian work. Their prodigious strength and legendary stamina mean that even with the odds stacked against them, most can look forward to buying their own emancipation writ within a decade or two. As citizens, however, they are duty bound to serve in the army much like their human counterparts. Most do so as Haspists, consciously standing apart from their fallen Thyrean kin, specializing in defense and bolstering the line where the weaker humans might falter. Box Contents:
  • 3 x Plastic Miniatures
  • 3 x Cavalry Stands
  • 3 x Cavalry Bases
  • 2 x Command Cards
Assembly required.

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