City States: Polemarch

City States: Polemarch

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Raised almost exclusively within the walls of the Scholae, aspirant Polemarchs are selected from the teeming multitudes of the City State through the rigorous yearly exams that feed the City State’s administration. Chosen for their leadership skills and physical proficiency, their exhaustive, ten-year curriculum is rounded out with at least a decade’s worth of actual combat experience before they can claim the title. Leading from the front lines and inspiring their troops, Polemarchoi have become iconic figures epitomizing the martial strength of the City States. This has led ignorant northern scholars to translate the title of Polemarchos as ‘Warlord’. This is wrong, the correct title is ‘Lord of War’. Box Contents:
  • 1 x Resin Miniature
  • 1 x Infantry Stand
  • 1 x Infantry Base
  • 1 x Command Card
Assembly required.

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