City States: Satyroi

City States: Satyroi

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Dual Kit with Selinoi Nowhere in the society of the City States is their ambivalent relationship with the Bred more evident than with the Selinoi (pronounced "Sell-in-ee") and Satyroi (pronounced "SaT-ir-ee"). A nigh seamless blend of man and goat, these Bred ultimately proved to be the hardiest and most adaptable of the Bred who survived. Intelligent, fast and tough, they quickly excelled at their tasks, putting them at odds with humans and painting a mark on their back when the purges started during the Fall. Today, those who survive have done so by learning to coexist with humanity or avoiding it as much as possible. Unlike the more peaceful Selinoi, Satyroi have turned to anger, hate and violence. Kidnappers, extortionists, consummate thugs and dangerous gangers the most dangerous of Satyroi are often press ganged into the army where their combat skills and unbridled ferocity make them skirmishers without peer. How they play: Deadly in close-quarters combat, these combat-hardened guerrilla troops lie in ambush, waiting for the perfect moment to strike the flanks and rear of any Enemy Regiment audacious enough to try outflanking the main City States' phalanx lines. Box Contents:
  • 12 x Plastic Miniatures
  • 3 x Infantry Stands
  • 12 x Infantry Bases
  • 2 x Command Cards
Assembly required.

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