Dweghom: Hold Raegh

Dweghom: Hold Raegh

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Hold Raegh - The Dweghom Box Contents:
  • 1 Resin Character Miniature
  • 1 Infantry Base
  • 1 Command Card
To behold a Hold Raegh on the field of war is to witness a Paragon of his craft at the very pinnacle of his prowess. To rise to the position of Raegh, a Dweghom must reach a value of Aghm determined by the Mnemancers of each hold (considering the population, productivity, history and achievements of the Hold in question) while surpassing all others. In a society as militarized as the Dweghom, there is only one path that can lead to such heights: the craft of war. In the early stages of his prospective career, an aspiring candidate earns his Aghm directly: feats of arms and valor at the trials, and later the field of battle.

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