Dweghom Path of Conquest Milestone 4-6 Bundle

Dweghom Path of Conquest Milestone 4-6 Bundle


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Dweghom: DragonSlayers


Dweghom: Tempered Steelshaper


3 x Dweghom: Hold Warriors/Hold Ballistae

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Embark on your Path of Conquest and start building your Hold's mighty force! The Path of Conquest - Dweghom bundle allows you to follow Justin the Berserker from OnTableTop for Milestones 4 to 6. Combined with the Milestones 1 to 3 bundle you have a 2000 points army! Contents:
  • 1 x Dragonslayers
  • 1 x Tempered Steelshaper
  • 2 x Hold Warriors
  • 1 x Hold Ballistae

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