Eastern Front Compilation (Mid War HB)

Eastern Front Compilation (Mid War HB)

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FW257 Eastern Front Compilation Despite being thrown back from the gates of Moscow in the winter offensive the Germans were back on the attack in the summer of 1942 with thier Hungarian and Romainian allies, advancing deep into Russia and setting up the epic confrontation at Stalingrad. Meanwhile up north, the Finnish army heroically held off repeated Soviet attacks into their territories. Then, as winter hit, the Soviets counterattacked, encirling whole armies in the face of determined resistance. In the summer of 1943, the Germans struck back as mass tank formations clashed, intent on destroying the Red Army at Kursk. This book enables ypou to recreate the battles of 1942-43, including Rzhev, Stalingard, Kharkov, and Kursk with Flames of War, the World War II Miniatures Game. Inside you will find:
  • Army lists for German, Finnish, Hungarian, Romanian, and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front, including heavy Tiger and KV-1 tanks, medium Panzer III and t-34 tanks, half-tracked panzergrenadiers, city-fighting storm groups, barely-trainded conscripts, and even horse-mounted cavalry.
  • Detailed unit histories to inspire your next projects.
  • Inspirational colour photos.
  • Painting and basing guides.
Please Note: A copy of the Flames of War rulebook is required to make use of the contents of this book. English, Hardback, 364 pages.

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