First Blood Softcover Rulebook 2.0 (English)

First Blood Softcover Rulebook 2.0 (English)

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"Conquest: First Blood" is a fast-paced, narrative Wargame of thrilling battles, set in the world of Conquest and designed to provide to the players the opportunity to experience a different type of Conquest combat – but still play a Conquest battle. Unlike the grand battles of TLAOK, Conquest: First Blood! focuses on a single Character and their entourage, allowing players to experience the world of Conquest through the eyes of a soldier in the shieldwall rather than the eagle eye view of an army Commander. First Blood! is 2.0 a fully fledged competitive, skirmish wargame! To do that we focused on the nuances of individual Model positioning and intra-Regiment synergies. The rules now treat individual teams of soldiers as building blocks together which form powerful ad-hoc formations. It is each player's job to find the weak point in their enemy's formation and disentangle it through smart maneuvering and intelligent order of play. A5 Soft-cover, English, 96 pages.

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