Gorntak the Gentle – 3D Printable Miniature

Gorntak the Gentle – 3D Printable Miniature


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The zip file containing a number of STL files which builds the Gorntak the Gentle miniature courtesy of our friends at 3dArtDigital as featured in the 22nd May 2020 episode of The Weekender. It contains an also OnTableTop branded version of the base for Gorntak to stand upon. Gorntak slowly approached the shaking peasants, who stared in fear at his monstrous features. He carefully unslung the bundle held against his massive chest, and presented the small, cooing child to her family. "broguht Ellie home. Bad men dead. Goodbye." Gorntak turned away from the grateful family without another word... About the Survivors of Serath – 3D Printable Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter Gorntak is a small part of 3dArtDigital latest Kickstarter project, Survivors of Serath. Over 50 incredible miniatures and well-crafted pieces of terrain await you in Serath, a world of conflicting nations, warring religions, terrifying monsters, and flawed heroes. It is a world infested with monsters, darkness, and political intrigue, but at the same time, hope burns bright in the hearts of heroes. The darker the shadows, the brighter the light burns to push it back. 3dartdigital not only gives you amazing miniatures for your gaming needs, they provide you with true works of art you can be proud to include on any tabletop. In addition, every miniature is part of a larger story and faction, and in turn, a larger world. Each character has a name, a history, and a place in the world and the lore that is the World of Serath. They invite you to join them in bringing this universe and all that dwell within it to glorious life. Click Here for more from 3dArtDigital
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