Grim Repast (PB)

Grim Repast (PB)

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Grim Repast - BL2935 Quillon Drask is a haunted man, wrestling with the daemons of his past. With a reputation that draws only the strangest cases, he is intimately familiar with the malevolent underbelly of Varangantua. Yet nothing that has gone before could have prepared the probator for the horrors which now blight the southern district of Polaris. Faced with a savage crime with grisly implications, Drask is thrust into a hidden game of corrupt conspiracy, warring families and blasphemous revelations. Only by mastering the bitter lessons of his career and his own tortured insight can Drask hope to bring the perpetrators to justice, and curb the monstrous hunger which stalks the city. Written by Marc Collins. English, paperback, 368 pages.

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Warhammer 40,000

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