Hundred Kingdoms: Imperial Ranger Corps

Hundred Kingdoms: Imperial Ranger Corps

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The Imperial Ranger Corps was born in the early years of the Tellian Empire when its expansion gave the Imperial family more lands than it could reasonable and safely manage. A group of expert woodsmen was hired to explore, catalogue, and safeguard these lands. After the fall of the Empire successive Chamberlains have reinforced and expanded the role of the Imperial Ranges, given their intimate knowledge of not only them Imperial Households lands, but all lands in between making them the fearsome force they are today, equally at home on the field as they are in the woods. Triple Kit - Also able to make Longbowmen and Hunter Cadre. Box Contents:
  • 12 x Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 1 command model)
  • 3 x Infantry Stands
  • 12 x Infantry Bases
  • 1 x Command Card
Assembly required.

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