Hundred Kingdoms: Noble Lord (Alt Sculpt)

Hundred Kingdoms: Noble Lord (Alt Sculpt)

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Observing the diverse history of the Hundred Kingdoms and their nobles, it is perhaps no surprise that the vast majority of their houses have strong military traditions. When the Long Winter receded and humanity ventured far from the shores of the Bitter Sea, the Orders were stretched too thin to control the nobility. Soon, the paradigm of 'might is right' resurfaced among both aspiring and established rulers. To command swords became a matter of survival, to command them effectively promised a long rule and Conquest. While the legitimacy of the Divine Right of Kings offered by the Theist Church has swayed many, the old nobility knows that power flows from the edge of the blade. This alternate model works with the same rule set as the Noble Lord in the Army Builder. Box Contents:
  • 1 x Plastic Miniature
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Command Card
Assmebly required.

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