Kragnos: Avatar of Destruction (PB)

Kragnos: Avatar of Destruction (PB)

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Kragnos: Avatar of Destruction - BL3020 The Realm of Beasts has ever been a place of savagery and destruction, defiant in the face of Sigmar’s feeble attempts at liberation. But now, deep within the mountains of the Ghurish Heartlands, something ancient stirs. A god long-trapped is about to awaken, and the drumbeat of war calls. Ferocious Ironjawz, gluttonous ogors and towering gargants all set their sights on the human interlopers, determined to cast down their keeps. It is into this maelstrom that generals Ellisior Seraphine Lisandr and Casius Braun march, sent forth from proud Excelsis to conquer new lands. It is a near suicidal task, made ever worse by the growing rift between Azyrite and Reclaimed. But Sigmar demands sacrifice, and the forces of Order are about to be tested like never before. Written by David Guymer. English, Paperback, 368 pages.

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