Leagues of Votann Army Set (English)


Leagues of Votann Army Set (English)

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Leagues of Votann Army Set (English) - 69-13 A Limited Edition Army Set to giving you the first chance to kick off your collection of the latest faction to join the fight in Warhammer: 40,000, the Leagues of Votann! Contains 25 x multi-part plastic miniatures each supplied with their own Citadel base:
  • 1 x Ûthar the Destined - Can alternatively be assembled as a Kâhl
  • 1 x Einhyr Champion
  • 3 x Hernkyn Pioneers
  • 20 x Hearthkyn Warriors
Also in the box is an special edition of the Leagues of Votann Codex (2022 Edition) with great looking artwork gracing the cover, a full set of 50 datacards, 1 x double sided token sheet and 1 x transfer sheet. Please Note: The Warhammer 40,000 Core Book is required to use the rules included in the codex.

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Leagues of Votann

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