Legiones Astartes: Terminator Tartaros Squad

Legiones Astartes: Terminator Tartaros Squad

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Legiones Astartes: Tartaros Terminator Squad - 31-07 A multi-part plastic kit which builds 10 x Tartaros Terminator miniatures. The Terminators can be built wielding a projectile and melee combination (e.g. Combi-bolter and Power Fist) or as a exclusively melee option with a pair of lighting claws. This kit also contains extra components to build one of the miniatures as a Tartaros Sergeant. These miniatures have no legion marking and therefore can be assembled and painted for any legion of your choosing. Includes 10 x 40mm Citadel Round Bases and 1 x Legiones Astartes Infantry Transfer Sheet (includes icons for the icons for the Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists).

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