Name Plates – Short Size


Name Plates – Short Size

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NAME PLATES are made of flexible resin to easily fit most of the round and oval base sizes are seen in popular gaming systems. These bordered nameplates will allow you to customize any name of your choice for your character minis, simply cut the desired letters and glue them in order to form any word. Additional letters are available. Short Nameplates valid for 20 - 40mm bases Long Nameplates valid for 40 - 60mm bases This set includes 1 flexible nameplate set + set of styrene letters and numbers with the following combination: AAAAAABBBBCCCCDDDDEEEEEEFFFFGGGGHHHHIIIIJJJJ KKKKLLLLMMMMNNNNOOOOOPPPPQQQQRRRRSSSSSTTTT UUUUVVVVWWWWXXXXYYYYZZZZ 0000111111222233333333444455556666777788889999&&--

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