Necrossia Pillar Tomb – 3D Printable Terrain

Necrossia Pillar Tomb – 3D Printable Terrain


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3rD Army Terrain: Necrossia - 3D Printable Terrain now LIVE on Kickstarter - CLICK HERE

3rD Army Terrain is ProtoKraken's new and exciting range of 3D printable terrain and scenery pieces designed for tabletop wargaming and miniature roleplaying games. Named after the concept of terrain as the "third army" on the tabletop (if not the battlefield), and with a subtle nod towards its 3D-printed nature, 3rD Army Terrain is designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but with careful consideration to how it can be used and how it interacts with the miniatures that make up your armies. ProtoKraken's goal is to enhance miniature gaming by giving gamers the tools they need to create stunning pieces of terrain that emphasises gameplay in all three dimensions, especially vertically. After all, our miniatures are three dimensional, our terrain should be too! Necrossia On the periphery of the galaxy near the furthest edges of the galactic rim, in orbit around a cold and dying star, lies the small and desolate world of Necrossia, home to the proud but insular Necrossians. A people of ancient provenance and hardy stock, the Necrossians once marched at the forefront of a vast and powerful interstellar empire through their mastery of sophisticated but ill-understood technology rumored to be powered by the souls of the deceased. The planet's rocky and barren landscape is punctuated by massive temple-cities constructed over the planet's arcano-mechanical holy sites, and towering monuments erected in the worship of the Necrossians' mysterious God-Constructs.... Necrossia is the first (but hopefully not the last) entry into the 3rD Army Terrain series. Designed primarily for 28mm-35mm sci-fi miniatures games (but also suitable for smaller scales as well as Fantasy and Pulp settings), the terrain draws inspiration from a variety of science-fiction and historical sources in its form and aesthetic elements in order to present an environment that invokes the air of an ancient and mysterious civilisation of advanced technology and a perhaps grim fascination with the concept of death. The Necrossia Pillar Tomb was exclusively designed for OnTableTop by ProtoKraken was was inspired by a local monument found in Coleraine, Northern Ireland where the OnTableTop HQ is based. It also incorporates the OTT logo!