Old Dominion: Varangian Guard

Old Dominion: Varangian Guard

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Dual Kit with Athanatoi It is the nature of power to corrupt. Few individuals were as aware of this universal truth as the Caelesors of the Old Dominion. Like the Praetorians replaced the Athanatoi and their unbending devotion to the writ of Hazlia, so were the Varangians established upon the ashes of the Praetorian Guard when their mortal weakness and thirst for power saw them betray their leaders. Through the centuries of unrest and the Fall that followed, the Varangians have stood guard over the Caelesors and those closest to them, bringing bloody death and vengeance to any who would dare harm them. Box Contents:
  • 12 x Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command models)
  • 3 x Infantry Stands
  • 12 x Infantry Bases
  • 2 x Command Cards
Assembly required.

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