Primarchs: Blood of the Emperor (HB)

Primarchs: Blood of the Emperor (HB)

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Primarchs: Blood of the Emperor - BL2879 A Primarchs Anthology A weak Cthonian boy forges a bloody destiny among the stars. Tribal warriors hunt a beast in the Fenrisian snows. Prosperine sorcerers seek hidden secrets. The Emperor's Praetorian shows his ruthless side. Alpharius submits to questioning over a brutal campaign, and Mortarion returns to Terra for the first time since his ascension to daemonhood. Each of these six tales provides you with a new look at one of the primarchs, the demigod sons of the Emperor. Once brothers-in-arms, these legendary heroes fell into war and strife, loyalist and traitor. But each remains a mighty lord of warriors and leader of men, and each has tales to tell… Contents:
  • Lupus Daemonis by Graham McNeill
  • Skjalds by Nick Kyme
  • The Sixth Cult of the Denied by David Guymer
  • The Will of the Legion by Andy Clark
  • Council of Truth by Mike Brooks
  • Terminus by Chris Wraight
English, Hardback, 192 pages.

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Warhammer 40,000

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