Profit’s Ruin (PB)

Profit’s Ruin (PB)

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Profit's Ruin - BL2840 Threatened with losing their ship to pay their investors, Brokrin Ullissonn and the crew of the Iron Dragon embark on a perilous voyage: to seek out the fabled sky-island of Profit’s Ruin. Glory and riches await them if they can discover the secrets of the infamous legend, but it is a voyage undertaken by only the brave and the desperate. Beset by enemies old and new, Brokrin’s journey is fraught with danger and overshadowed by a terrible truth: no Kharadron vessel has ever escaped from the grip of this floating sea of weeds and vines. Will the Iron Dragon be the first? Written by C.L. Werner. English, Paperback, 320 pages.

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