Realm Quest: Fortress of Ghosts (PB)


Realm Quest: Fortress of Ghosts (PB)

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Realm Quest: Fortress of Ghosts - BL2885 Warhammer Adventures The fifth book in the Realm Quest series. An exciting new series of fantasy for middle-grade readers from Black Library. Epic heroes, mighty armies and terrifying monsters clash against the backdrop of magical landscapes. Prisoners of the dark sorceress, Ashnakh, friends Kiri, Alish, Elio and Thanis are taken to the forbidding Palace of Mirrors in the Realm of Shyish to await their fate. Trapped in the Shatterglass Labyrinth they must band together to survive. Betrayed by someone who they thought they could trust, harried by dreaded Nighthaunts will they ever escape the Fortress of Ghosts? Written by Tom Huddleston. English, paperback, 224 pages.

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