Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus (PB)

Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus (PB)

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Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus - BL2889 The Blood Angels and their brother Chapters are amongst the Imperium’s most dedicated defenders, scions of the Emperor’s most beloved primarch. But all the sons of Sanguinius harbour a dark secret… twin curses that threaten to strip them of their sanity and turn them into blood-crazed killers. Wage war alongside Lemartes, macabre warden of lost souls. Gather behind Chapter Master Amit of the Flesh Tearers, bloody and wrathful. Stand with Mephiston, Lord of Death, conqueror of the Black Rage. Bear witness to some of the greatest battles of the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters, as they fight the enemies of the Imperium and their own dark urges. Includes the novels Flesh Tearers, Death of Integrity and Lemartes, as well as two novellas and a number of short stories. Written by Guy Haley, David Annandale, Gave Thorpe, Andy Smillie plus others. English, Paperback, 560 pages.

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