Sorcerer Kings: Ghols


Sorcerer Kings: Ghols

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The Sorcerer Kings were initially shocked to find out that human thoughts and beliefs contaminate the Elemental Domains, much as they do the Divine. The Ghols were amongst the first creatures they encountered among the shallows of the Domain of Fire, spawned by mankind’s greed, pride and aggression. Their simple minds and base impulses have made them easy to dominate, allowing the Sorcerer Kings to discover a nigh unlimited source of cheap, expendable fodder for the battlefield. HOW THEY PLAY: Numerous, violent and expendable, the Ghols rush ahead of the main Army to drive skirmishers and Enemy Light Regiment off Objective Zones and hold off Enemy advances until the main bulk of the Army gets in position. Being elemental troops they can act as spellcasting conduits for their Sorcerous lords. Box Contents:
  • 12 x Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command models)
  • 3 x Infantry Stands
  • 12 x Infantry Bases
  • 1 x Command Card
Assembly required.

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