Spires: Abomination + Holiday Offer

Spires: Abomination + Holiday Offer

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Spires: Abomination - PBW8112 A special First Blood Skirmish game has been created with a holiday theme to bring new fun to our gaming tables, using the Abomination! We're also including a special Command Card as a unique collectible, and new STL files for those who want to customize the look of their Abominable Snowman with added holiday accessories. Available until December or while stocks last! Offer Contents:
  • 1 x Promo Command Card
  • 1 x Special Holiday Rules
  • + STL Files to make your own Abominable Abomination
Abominations were originally an advanced and cruel form of punishment, devised on a whim by the Sovereign. Ensconced deep within an Abomination lies the body of an Exile who has betrayed his trust or breached the most sacrosanct of Spire laws. Survivors speak of a keening whine, just on the verge of hearing that pervades their memories, a sound that registers deeper than the cries of their fallen comrades. This is the only sound an Abomination can make, the only sound it is allowed to make: a keening howl to convey the depth of their misery and torment. Invasive cerebral procedures impairs the cognitive function of the condemned, as chemical and hormonal treatments are applied to make them lose control of their Life-Binding gifts and forcibly bond them to a lower organism. The humble ant’s instinctive hierarchical physiology somehow made it more susceptible to pheromonic command, forcing the body to respond to orders while allowing compromised psyche trapped within the hellish amalgam only enough control to wail its anguish even while enacting the will of its tormentors. Contents - Abomination, standard box:
  • 1 Plastic Miniature
  • 1 Monster Stand
  • 1 Command Card

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