Spires: High Clone Executor (Alt Sculpt)

Spires: High Clone Executor (Alt Sculpt)

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Lacking the refined education of their Spire betters, veteran High Clones possess only those skills they have earned on the battlefield. Tactically knowledgeable as infantry men and strategically acute as infiltrators and pteraphon riders, High Clones excel at what they do but not always at the society they live in. A fraction of them have managed to adapt and employ their training in politics, rising above their intended station. Most often than not, they are given a modest stipend and employed as ceremonial guards, (since the real bodyguard roles for the truly exalted amongst their society are reserved for those creatures whose loyalty and combat capacity are compelled by Biomantic means). Those who are not content with these limited roles must vie to be recognized as Executors, officers in one of the Sovereign Lineages’ armies. In order to advance through the ranks, Executors must have proven and keep proving their ability time and again, both on the field of battle and without. They must secure chances at proving their capacity, provide victory on the battlefield and be able to claim credit for that victory, always vying against backstabbing colleagues, jealous superiors and ruthlessly demanding masters. The result is that should one encounter a High Clone Executor leading an enemy force, he should know he is facing a ruthlessly competent individual who has no compunctions or limitations on the pursuit of victory. This is a new plastic miniature with an updated sculpt. Box Contents:
  • 1 x Plastic Miniature with alternative head
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Command Card
Assembly required.

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