The Rose at War (HB)

The Rose at War (HB)


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The Rose at War - BL3000 The Adepta Sororitas. The Sisters of Battle. Daughters of the Emperor, warriors of the Ecclesiarchy, they face and slay His foes across the depth and breadth of the galaxy. Sister Superior Augusta Santorus, veteran and commander of the Order of the Bloody Rose, is a shining beacon of hope against the unending darkness. As she leads her squad in a brutal war against the alien and the heretic, her Sisters will explore a ruined cathedral to find an ancient evil, follow a maddened inquisitor pursuing the trickeries of a witch, and join a full combat force of their fellow Sororitas to foil the plans of the Dark Mechanicum. From the jungles of Lautis to the creaking steel heights of the Lycheate forge world, one thing is certain: through bolter, blade and hymnal, Augusta will purge the enemies of mankind, and none will escape her wrath. This collection contains the novellas The Bloodied Rose, Wreck and Ruin and The Rose in Anger, along with six short stories. Written by Danie Ware. English, Hardback.

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