The Soul Drinkers Omnibus (PB)

The Soul Drinkers Omnibus (PB)

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The Soul Drinkers Omnibus - BL3009 Genetically engineered superhumans, the Space Marines stand foremost among the warriors who protect the Imperium of Man. The Soul Drinkers have served the Emperor loyally for thousands of years, but their obsessive desire to retrieve an ancient relic throws them into conflict with those they are honour-bound to obey. Faced with an impossible choice, will this proud and noble Chapter back down, or rebel to forge a new destiny for themselves among the stars? The Soul Drinkers Omnibus collects together the novels Soul Drinker, The Bleeding Chalice, and Crimson Tears into one action-packed edition! Written by Ben Counter. English, Paperback, 640 pages.

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Warhammer 40,000