The Soul Drinkers Omnibus: Volume 2 (PB)

The Soul Drinkers Omnibus: Volume 2 (PB)

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The Soul Drinkers Omnibus: Volume 2 - BL3061 The renegade Soul Drinkers continue their misguided campaign to free mankind from the tyranny of the Imperium in this second omnibus of three novels and a novella by Ben Counter. In Chapter War, the Soul Drinkers, harried by loyalist Space Marines, fall into the grip of a devastating civil war. Hellforged sees the Chapter fleeing into the mysterious Veiled Regions where they encounter a new threat – the necrons. As they battle the undying aliens, the Soul Drinkers’ past catches up with them as the Imperial Fists – their spiritual progenitors – arrive. Captured and put on trial, Sarpedon must find a way to save his warriors even as the Imperial Fists’ mighty starfort Phalanx comes under attack from a horde of ravening daemons. And the writings of Chaplain Daenyathos have guided the Soul Drinkers for millennia… but a dark secret lurks at their heart. Written by Ben Counter. English, Paperback, 640 pages.

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