War Zone Charadon: Act 1 – Book of Rust (HB) (English)


War Zone Charadon: Act 1 – Book of Rust (HB) (English)

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Charadon: Act 1: Book of Rust - 40-18 Campaign expansion for Warhammer 40,000. Covers the Death Guard's invasion of the Charadon sector (home of the Metalica forge world) with the Imperium standing against them and the Drukhari looking to take advantage. Includes the following:
  • Background on the conflict
  • In-depth campaign system
  • Crusade campaign content
  • 3 x Codex supplements
    • Adeptus Mechanicus
    • Drukhari
    • Imperial Knights
  • Armies of Renown
  • Legendary Missions
Please Note: The Warhammer 40,000 Core Book is required to use the rules included in this book. English, Hardback, 96 pages.

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