Warcry: Claws of Karanak


Warcry: Claws of Karanak

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Warcry: Claws of Karanak - 112-03 A multi-part plastic kit which builds a Soulblight Gravelords warband for games of Warcry. Contains the following miniatures:
  • 1 x Hound of Wrath
  • 1 x Packlord
  • 2 x Brutalisers - Can each be assembled with either a pair of Shredder Blades or a Shredder Blade and Meat Hook combo
  • 4 x Blood Whelps - Can each be assembled with either a Barb-spear or Claw-flail
Also includes 1 x 60x65mm Oval Base, 1 x 40mm, 2 x 32mm and 4 x 28mm Round Bases, fighter, ability and wound divider cards.

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