Warcry: Nightmare Quest (English)

Warcry: Nightmare Quest (English)

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Warcry: Nightmare Quest - 112-04 An expansion for Warcry, a skirmish game set in the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar universe. Each box contains the following Citadel multi-part push-fit plastic miniatures and terrain:
  • 6 x Questor Soulsworn Stormcast Eternals Warband miniatures
  • 10 x Royal Beastflayers Flesh-eater Courts Warband miniatures
  • 10 x Gnarlwood Terrain pieces - Compatible with existing Gnarlwood terrain and includes a ruined Realmshaper Engine
Each of the above miniatures come supplied with a Citadel bases. Also in the box:
  • 1 x Warband Tome: Might and Madness manual - A supplementary 64 page book containing rules and background for the two warbands included in the box as well as background, quests and campaigns
  • 1 x Double sided jungle floor themed gameboard
  • 30 x Battleplan cards
  • 17 x Warband cards
Please Note: The Warcry Core Book is required to use the contents of this expansion.

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