Warhammer 40000: Prophecy of the Wolf (English)

Warhammer 40000: Prophecy of the Wolf (English)

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Warhammer 40000: Prophecy of the Wolf (English) - PW-60 The box set for Warhammer 40,000 which includes 23 Citadel miniatures, a 32 campaign page book providing rules, background and guides for the Space Wolves and Orks and a Warhammer 40,000 fold out core rules set. The 23 Citadel multi-part plastic miniatures are spilt across two armies, the Space Wolves and Orks: Space Wolves
  • 1 x Ragnar Blackmane
  • 10 x Primaris Space Marines - Can be built as either Incursors or Infiltrators
  • 1 x Ghazghkull Thraka
  • 1 x Makari (Ghazghkull's standard bearer)
  • 1 x Ammo Runt
  • 1 x Grot Oiler
  • 3 x Ork Meganobz
  • 5 x Ork Nobz
Includes Citadel Rounds Bases for each miniature, 1 x Ork Transfer Sheet and 1 x Space Wolves Primaris Transfer Sheet.

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Warhammer 40,000

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